Fanpage Boost: Get Likes & Fans for Facebook Pages $3.99

Fanpage Boost: Get Likes & Fans for Facebook Pages

Get Followers and Social Shares by Fan Page-Boost

An originating IOS application named as ‘Facebook boost’ is a wonderful tool for getting one active on Facebook. There are splendid features being inhibited by this software. All of them are helpful in getting maximum likes on a post. Moreover, it helps in inviting all the people through fan page profile (who have liked the post). Everything is automatically planned inside the application. One just needs to connect their Facebook account and this software will do everything. Although, every Facebook account has a limitation but only for 24 hours. One can use many accounts with this application and invite many followers in a day time. Thus, it is different but quite inexpensive kind of software. Its usage can help in giving a lead engagement of audience on fan pages. Let’s have a quick overview on some of its features;

Engagement of Posts & Increase in Followers

It is not an easy task to get more followers on a Facebook post. Especially when you start a new account or a fan page with Facebook. ‘Fan page Boost’ helps in getting more followers. It is not a miracle, but a simple strategy. When you share a post, people like and share it. Thus, fan page boosts help in inviting all of these people to the Facebook fan page who like your posts etc. This is totally free. A person can attain more and more likes every day through engagement of your posts.

No Need to Spend an Extra Money

The features of this ‘fan page boost’ IOS application is completely free. One doesn’t need to spend an extra money on it. Moreover, many people spend a lot of money through Facebook ads in order to promote their page. Thus, this app helps in minimizing the expense and giving a chance to avail followers with no extra cost.

Newsfeed Post & Success Rate

Whenever a Facebook user like or share and even comment on some photo/content then it automatically starts showing on the Facebook timeline or friends stream. This way, friends and friends of friends get an opportunity to like the post, comment or share it. This increases the chance of success in a better way. All of the people getting invited are directly from the ‘fan page’ not from a public profile. In this way, no one can ‘make a complaint’ of anonymous invitations.

Using Different Accounts with Fan Page Boost

The best thing about fan page boost is that one can use many accounts with this application. For example, there is a limit of invitations in every Facebook account. Once in 24 hours, that limitation is being met then one can use a different account and keep on inviting followers in a day time.

Privacy Is the First Policy

Fan page boost never interrupts the privacy of a user. For example, it will never try to overcome the Facebook account actions on behalf of a person (without their consent). This is the best way of keeping privacy and helping a user to boost the fan page likes with a quick strategy.