Squitchy Anti Stress Free

Squitchy Anti Stress

With Squitchy you can choose between Game Modus and Anti Stress Modus.

Game Modus:

Help Squitchy to find the coolie in the levels to win the level.

But do not lose sight of time and refill when necessary with Power Ups. 50 Level of fun awaits you. And with the Wheel of Fortune, you can every hour turn to win something that will help you in the game.

Anti Stress Modus:

Squeeze and stretch the figure and have a lot of fun with them. Tap button on left corner to choose the figure.

Stretch the figure with two fingers to change its shape.

Move it up, down, or side, forming a small or giant shape.

You can upgrade to unlock 4 Squishy, Draw A Squishy and Camera.

In the Draw Mode you can draw your own Squishy and can use also chosse 4 Toppings for your Squishy.

Tap button on right corner to take a picture of you or your friend and then use it as a Squishy. Get funny faces like a big head or little eyes. You can try many different funny variations and have fun.