Wild Animal Noises-Free Kids Animal Games & Sounds Free

Wild Animal Noises-Free Kids Animal Games & Sounds

Kids in today’s world are being friendlier to mobile phones, hence to provide them with the best and good altogether is a tough job for young parents. Being working couples or busy households, spending quality time is a challenge and utilize it creatively is an art. Mevo Studios have therefore designed an app that can teach, play and motivate little kids in their early stage of learning.

Here is an app with pictures and sounds of wild animals, presented through fascinating and simple games, accompanied by spellings and soothing music. No need to control your child from using iphones or ipads. The app lets them enjoy their fun time learning and singing. Single kids are much lonesome these days, for whom this app is alike friend.

Outstanding app! My three year old toddler loves it. A must friend for every kid. Sounds are awesome and not at all infuriate even if she plays it a number of times in a day. Blocks games with beautiful colors make it an apple of our eyes. She learnt spellings with names and sound of animals. Even her father plays games with her and both enjoy a quality time learning and playing together. No youtube videos could make such bonding among parents and their child. Every parent must download this app for getting their kids prepared for upcoming sessions. Brilliantly designed, perfectly placed.

Beautiful animation and melodious tutorials, the best of all kids’ apps. Nice collection too. The updated version has unlocked new levels and that makes it more interesting for my kid. The Jungle theme is awesome. Five stars to the creativity with simplicity, entrusting the use of iphone by kids. For a lone child it was the most desired bff. Colors are eye friendly with charming animations.

Who else could define wild animals in such a beautiful manner, the app approaches her mind and senses as well. She gets alert on genuine sounds and recognizes the animals. To the world of jungle, she welcomes her new friends, tries to draw them too, and mention their names somewhat spelled correctly. Learning is fun through such apps. Thanks to the developers. Icing on the cake is that the app is free to download and consumes very less space. Runs instantly and saves data. Precisely designed considering all the mandatory and entertaining factors. A first step to block building, lego games etc. Smooth transitions and easy to play are additional features.

The era of technology has swallowed the fun of being at outdoors. Further fear of external world has made people more homesick. Children are hence deviated towards the digital devices. To make it creative and harmless, this approach of Mevo Studios is appreciable. 

The most downloaded kids animal app on the AppStore.  Amazing graphics, 54 fully animated animals, 3 great educational games , real animal sounds and much more.  Every kid ages 0-6 should have this one, download for FREE.  Supports both iPhone & iPad.